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5th November 2012




"We tailor the use of technology to specific customer needs"   Clive Brooks, MD                           

Customers are encouraged wherever possible to save themselves time and boost their "green" credentials by

      • Booking jobs online
      • Accepting digital signatures or if a paper POD is necessary, access POD's online
      • Receiving invoices by email (with hyperlink to POD )
      • Accepting statements by email
      • Paying by direct bank transfer

We have worked with our traffic software suppliers, vigo2.jpgbased in Redditch, to make it as easy as possible for you to access the information you need from us in a timescale that suits you.

But, we understand that all customers have individual preferences and whether it is online, by email or fax you can convey your written instructions to us however you please and if you desire your PODs and invoices by post,  and wish to pay us by cheque, we can oblige.

We are heavily reliant on IT for most of our communication with customers, drivers, Palletline and other partners and take our IT support very seriously.resolve.jpg in Malvern are our IT support partners. They work with us on preventative measures and are on call in the event of an emergency so that we have minimal disruption should there be an unforeseeable problem.

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Tracking our vehicles utilising GPS technology with hasfleetmatics.png transformed communication with our drivers.

We know where they are at the click of a mouse which helps our staff to maximise vehicle efficiency and give up to the minute information to our customers regards collection times.

Safety is also improved with a greatly reduced number of calls to drivers during their working day.




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